Our Story


Welcome to Pho My Restaurant

Pho My is a family-owned restaurant proud to serve the best authentic Vietnamese food. The restaurant began in California and now in Texas.

Pho My specializes in pho, especially Pho Ga, a must try if you are a pho lover. Our chicken are freshly prep daily to be fresh and tender. In addition to the delicious food are the affordable prices

The History


The best noodle in Dallas

Pho My story was started by a man who has so much passion about pho. With his own recipe, The Restaurant was opened with his family in California. With success of Pho Ha’s restaurants, he decided to open Pho My in Texas. With the larger kitchen at Pho My, we were able to introduce more specialties for our customers. Pho My focuses on the quality and the quantity of the food we serve.

Monday to Friday

10:00 AM


9:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

10:00 AM


9:00 PM